Generation Annihilation Episode January 9, 2010

Broadcast on 09-Jan-2010

12:00pm - 1:00am

2009 Reissues.

Track Listing:

Shadow From Mordor
Sacrilege · Behind The Realms Of Madness
Death From Above
Hellbastard · Ripper Crust
Endless Blockades
GISM · Detestation
The Face Of War
Warcry · 10 Tracks
TVs On Blink
The Action · Complete Punk Recordings
National Security
Young Lions · From The Vaults
Live For Today
HOC · Guilty As Hell
Meat Bi-Product
The Spores · News Weather And Spores
Tyranna · S/T
Dont Be Afraid To Pogo
The Gears · Rockin At Ground Zero
Double Jointed Circus Monkey
Narcoleptic Youth · Barbi In Bondage
Walls Of Silence
Sub Hum Ans · 29 29 Split Vision
Mental Breakdown
Social Unrest · Rat In A Maze
Missing Rungs
Marginal Man · Idenity
Anti Human
The Pist · Input Equals Output
HC Inc
Th' Inbred · A Family Affair
F · Your An EP
Personal Lyrics
HOA · Anthology
Neuroot · Macht Kaput