Generation Annihilation Episode January 2, 2010

Broadcast on 02-Jan-2010

12:00pm - 1:00am

2009 Releases show part 1.

Track Listing:

State Of Confusion
Vacant State · State Of Confusion
Deal With It
Vitamen · Full Scale Assault
I;m Surrounded
Jesus Fucking Christ · Lifes Hateful
The Bloodclots · Let This Be Your Reveille
Cross Stitched Eyes · Conarach
Burning Bridges
Witch Hunt · Burning Bridges
Taste Of Crime
Detonate · S/T
Invaluable Fate
Germ Attack · They Live We Sleep
Oh' Dell
The Rotten · Enemy Of The State
Tied Around Our Necks
Dr. Know · Killing For God
Enemy Within
Broken Bones · Eenmy Within
Patriot Asshole
MDC · Mobocracy
The Pied Piper
The Restarts · Mobocracy
Tyranical Statues
Assert · Laser Tattoo Removal Service
Hooligan Rock N Roll
Control · Hooligan Rock N Roll
Direct Control · Farewell
Wasted Time · Futility
Thrash This Place
Broken Needle · S/T
Alone With You
Deep Sleep · Three Things