Generation Annihilation Episode September 19, 2009

Broadcast on 19-Sep-2009

12:00pm - 1:00am

New releases by MDC, THE RESTARTS, WASTED TIME and the NOMOS.

Track Listing:

People That Died
Jim Caroll · Catholic Boy
Dead Rock N Rollers
Detention · Expelled
I Hate Music
MAD · Killed By Death
Right Now!
Zeros · Right Now!
My Dog Poppers · 668 Neighbor Of The Beast
Thin Ice
The Restarts · Mobocracy
Cross Stitched Eyes · Conarach
Out Of My Brain
Chaos UK · King For A Day
UK Subs · AWOL
Tomorrows War
Indecent Assualt · Meltdown Records
MDC · Mobarchy
Wasted Time · Futility
Operation Cyclone
No Mos · S/T
Nowhere To Go
Government Warning · Paranoid Mess
Toxic City
Urban Blight · More Reality
More Reality
Urban Blight · More Reality
Positive Outlook
Reprobates · S/T
Nazi Headstomp
Wisdom In Change · Project Boneyard
Death In Custody · PB
Pushed To Far
The Blackout Brigade · PB