Generation Annihilation Episode August 29, 2009

Broadcast on 29-Aug-2009

12:00pm - 1:00pm

1 1/2 hour show with a whole bunch of old tunes mixed in with the new.

Track Listing:

Emotional Blackmail
Blind Suburbia · Brand New Age
As One Escape Society
Warzone · NYC Hardcore
Pigs on Fire
Struggle · s/t
MIght Makes Right
Slapshot · Step on it
Cats and Dogs
Gorilla Bisquits · Start Today
So Far From Home
Death Before Dishonor · Better Ways to Die
Start en den Tod
Challenger Crew · s/t
Death By Insanity
Forbidden Beat · Driving you Insane
The Core
Bill of Rights · Meltdown '85
Silver Lining
Subverse · Give Jesus Back to the Martians
Flussy the Cat/Jimmy Swagart
Sons of Ishmail · SIng Generic Crap
Shopping Binge
The Spores · New Weather and Spores
Tough Guys
Cock Sparrer · Guilty as Charged 2009
Time to Be Me
Cock Sparrer · Two Monkeys 2009
Kick up your Heals
Prisonshake · The Roaring Third
Can't Explain
Pagans · Everybody Hates You
agent orange · living in darkness
Take My Time
Accused · VA :Louder than Hell
Kill Lou Guzzo
The Dehumanizers · Kill Lou Guzzo
Cats are Neat
AMQA · Cats R Neat
Just a Man
Danger's Close · split w/ Destrutors 666
Destructors 666 · Quisnam Vigilo Vigilo
Singled Out
Death Zone · Punks of the World Unite
Upright CItzen
Crass · Stations of the Crass
Steak Knife
Angry Samoans · The Unboxed Set
I Just Want Some Skank
Circle Jerks · Group Sex
Stupid Stupid War
DRI · Dealing With It
Feast Upon the Flesh
Skeletonwitch · Beyond the Permafrost
From the Cave
Voivod · Infini