Generation Annihilation Episode August 15, 2009

Broadcast on 15-Aug-2009

12:00pm - 1:00am

Set of Punk Reggae.

Track Listing:

Death Sentence · Not a Pretty Sight
Germ Attack · They Live We Sleep
Human Disease
Bombed Out · Human Disease
Traet Af Grugs
Hlertestop · Vi Ses Helvede
Regulations · Electric Guitar
Head Full Of Demons
Vitamin X · Full Scale Assuakt
No Chhange
Direct Control · Farewell
Worlds Apart
Sub Hum Ans · 29 29 Split Vision
Chairman Youth · S/T
Johnny Was
SLF · Inflamble Material
Boys In Blue
Death Before Dishonour · Better Ways To Die
State Control
Destructors 666 · Quisnam Viglio Vioglio
Tony Suicide
Dangers Close · Split W/Destructors
Realiy On TV
Death Zone · When The Punks Of The World Unite
Hail Rattus
Raijotus · Dis cography
Before The Flame
Cock Sparrer · Two Monkeys
Goodbye Civillian
The Skids · The Absolute Game
Getting Nowhere Fast
The Zeros · Don't Push Me Around
The Baby Is Dead
Society Dog · SFs Finest
Krap Radio
Voi Vod · Infini