Generation Annihilation Episode July 11, 2009

Broadcast on 11-Jul-2009

12:00pm - 1:00am

Sick Error demo feature.

Track Listing:

Where Have All The Bootboys Gobe
Sluaghter And The Dogs
Eater · The Album
Blanks 77 · Tanked And Pogoed
If Only I Could
New Bomb Turks · Information Highway Revisited
US Bombs · Never Mind The Open Minds
Barbi In Bondage
Narcoleptic Youth · Airplay
i can wait
the tvees · s/t
Round And Pound
Boot Liquor · 100 Proof
Double Jointed Circus Monkey
Narcoleptic Youth · Airplay
Heart Crusher Baby
Standard And Poor · Filty Basement Screams
The Rotten · Enemy Of The State
Rule Of Thumb
The Bloodclots · Let This Be Your Reveille
The Ejected · The Bestof
Rising Crime
Soldier Dolls · 81 2 85
Tear Resistant
The Intensives · Split W/Panik Attack
Sick Error · S/T
Spit It Out
Sick Error · S/T
Sick Error · S/T
Lonely Hell
Sick Error · S/T
Isolated Human
Hatred Surge · S/T
Talk For Me
Tippers Gore · Ubsettling Loss
Axe Cross
Cauldron · Into The Caulkdren