Generation Annihilation Episode June 20, 2009

Broadcast on 20-Jun-2009

12:00pm - 1:00am

New releases by SACRED SHOCK, NO SLOGAN and Vancouver's Punk As Fuck compilation.

Track Listing:

Zemezluc · System Kanibal
Looks Like Shit
Toe Tag · Split
Eyes That Bleed
Jesus Fucking Christ · Lifes Hateful Seed
Tomorrows Reality
Neurosis · The Word As Law
Birth Of Night
Cross Stitched Eyes · Conarach
Rule Of Thumb
The Bloodclots · Let This Be Your Reveille
Todays Lesson
Flith · The Shit Split
Homade Speed
Blatz · The Shit Split
Kids Kill Kids
Dogsflesh · Vision Of Hell
You Fight To Killl
Icon AD · Lest We Forget
Bluir Of Reality
Sacred Shock · You're Not With Us
No Slogan · S/T
Sno Pa Jobbet
Nitad · Ibland
To The Grave
Limp Wrist · S/T
I Hope You Like Soup Kids
Impeders Of Progress · VPAF
Tight Grip
Vacant Street · S/T
China Creeps · VPAF
Self Destruct
Reprobates · TO's Burning
Blitzkried Adevertising
East Sides Death Squad · VPAF
You And Me
Dangerloves · Tos Burning
Checkout Time
The Spores · News Weather And Spores
Cancer Rat
Bison BC · VPAF