Generation Annihilation Episode June 13, 2009

Broadcast on 13-Jun-2009

12:00pm - 1:00am

New releases by TIPPERS GORE and Toronto's Burning Compilation.

Track Listing:

Fearless Iranians From Hell · Foolish Americans
I Hate Everything
The Queers · Love Songs For The Retarded
This Place Sucks
The Queers · Love Songs
suicide squeeze
the isotopes · s/t
Two Face
The Bad Amps · Two Face
Black Spokes · Torontos Burning
I Got Your Number
Black Spokes · Torontos Burning
The Awakening
Madmen · Torotos Burning
Fools Hope
Living Darkness · Torontos Burning
Germ Attack
Inepsy · S/T
Religion Sucks
Asocial · Religion Sucks
Dead Children
Citizens Patrol · Dead Childrten
Pressure Release
Vitamen X · Full Scale Assault
VA · Criminal Record
Attack/Alternative · No Turning Back
Rise Of The Serpant Men
Axegrinder · Rise Of TheSerpant Men
Death Watch
Legion Of Parasites · S/T
Unsettling Loss
Tippers Gore · Unsettling Loss
Champagne And Shit
Dr. Know · Killing For God
Leather Face
Rammer · Torontos Burning