Generation Annihilation Episode April 4, 2009

Broadcast on 04-Apr-2009

12:00pm - 1:00am

New music from AMEBIX and CROSS STITCHED EYES. Spotlight on THE FREEZE.

Track Listing:

Soup Is Good Food
DKS · Frankenchrist
Go Bankrupt And Die
The Crucifucks · Our Will Be Done
Cross Stitched Eyes · Coranach
Amebix · S/T
Armaggedon Song
Bad Beach · Cornucopia
I Hate Tourists
The Freeze · I Hate Tourists
Were Not The Abnormal Ones
The Freeze · Violent Arrest
Refrigerator Heaven
The Freeze · Unsafe At Any Speed
Broken Bones
The Freeze · This Is Boston Not LA
American Town
The Freeze · Land Of The Lost
Nothing Left
The Freeze · Rabid Reaction
Talking Bombs
The Freeze · Misery Loves Company
Suspended Heaven
The Freeze · Freak Show
Body Wrap
The Freeze · Split W/Bollwevils
The Freeze · Crwaling Blind
Mentaly Defective
The Freeze · One False Move
I'm Too Good For You
The Freeze · Live From Cape Cod