Generation Annihilation Episode March 14, 2009

Broadcast on 14-Mar-2009

12:00pm - 1:00am

Womens special.

Track Listing:

Vice Squad · The Punk Collection
Non Stop Girls
Radio Birdman · Radios Appear
Telephone Girl
Eddie And The Hot Rods · Life On The Line
Misfits · S/T
Paula Pierce
MTX · Everybodys Entitled To Their Own Opinion
The Modernettes · Get It Straight
Girl Can Help It
NBT · Information Highway Revisited
Hey Baby
Mr. Nobody · My Town Sucks
I Know Who You Are
DOA · The Blackspot
True Love
The Pist · Input Equals Output
Red RiddingHood
The Gru'ps · S/T
Dirt · Anti War
I accuse You
Sado Nation · Future Past Present Tense
I Wanna Bevis You
Snap Her · At War With Society
The Duped · S/T
Raise The Bar
Margaret Thrasher · Moderate Rock
The Final Run
Imperial Leather · Do You Know Where You Children Are
All The Same
Hevn · What Goes Around
Go Staight
Catty Witch · Split W/Catty Witch
Black Horse Of Famine
After The Bombs · Bloody Aftermath
Lady Evil
Black Sabbath · The Dio Years