Generation Annihilation Episode February 24, 2009

Generation Exploitation Podcast #65

1:04am - 1:59am

Tomorrow Radio: 1976 - TM Productions
How to Speak Hip - Del Close
Funky Drums - James Brown
Money Won't Change You - Aretha Franklin
Cayatano - Perez Prado
The Human Tornado Radio Trailer - Rudy Ray Moore
Experiment in Terror Twist! - Henry Mancini
Eleanor Rigby - The Baroque Inevitable
Glamour Stretcher Time - Jack LaLane
Shutdown! - The Hollyridge Strings
Pink Panther Theme - The Anita Kerr Singers
Both Sides Now - Bing Crosby
Zounds! What Sounds! - Dean Elliot Orchestra
Cancer of Communism - Father Daniel A. Lord
Sunny - The Baroque Inevitable
Sunny - Robert Mitchum
Pour Man - Lee Hazlewood
Nitty Gritty - Lincoln Chase
Themes from Stingray! Hullabaloo! Wacky Races!
Muriel Cigars Jingle - Edie Adams
Riding the Rails - Kenyon Hopkins
Little Red Book - Burt Bacharach