Generation Annihilation Episode February 17, 2009

Generation Exploitation Podcast #64

1:03am - 2:01am

Davie Allan and The Arrows: Wild Angels Soundtrack! The Kink Kontroversy! Herman's Hermits' Museum! The Archies: Jingle Jangle, Changes, S.K.O.O.B.Y.D.O.O! The Monkees' Headquarters: You Told Me! The garage sounds of First Grade Reader by The Ohio Express! Gotta Find Out by Lulu! It's Getting Harder All The Time by The Mindbenders! Iron Town by The Rhythm Pals! Souped Up Version of Oh Lonesome Me by Don Gibson! Nashville Rebel and Norwegian Wood by Waylon Jennings from The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack LP of AIP's Nashville Rebel! Merle Haggard Live in Philadelphia 1970!!! It Don't Worry Me by Keith Carradine from the Soundtrack LP of Robert Altman's Nashville!