Generation Annihilation Episode December 27, 2008

Broadcast on 27-Dec-2008

12:00pm - 1:00am

2008 releases spotlight part 1.

Track Listing:

DOA · Northern Avenger
Drop Dead Girl
The Jolts · Haute/Voltage
Blind Folded Concience
Mass Grave · Split W/Stormcrow
Fuck That
Margaret Thrasher · Modern Rock
White Lung · Magazines
Destroy Your World
Germattack · Ouborosis
Parade Of Old And New
The Suicide Pilots · The War On Satire
Broadcast Zero · Yesterday
Not The Night
Dead City Citizens · S/T
Terminals · S/T
Right To Fight
Argy Bargy · The Likes Of Us
Dont Talk To Me
Left For Dead · Humanity
No Matter What
Slick 46 · I Dont Wanna
When You Die
The Forgotten · S/T
Nervous Blood
The Estranged · Static Thoughts
Get A Job
Annihilation Time · tales Of An Ancient Age
Dig Your Own Hole
Imperial Leather · Do You Know Where Your Children Are
Warcry · No So Distant Future
Blueprint For Enslavement
Deathcycle · Prelude To Tyaranny
Bite The Bllet
Nightstick Justice · S/T