Generation Annihilation Episode December 6, 2008

Broadcast on 06-Dec-2008

12:00pm - 1:00am

80's Hardcore compilation spotlight. Played tracks off Let Them Eat Jellybeans, American Youth Report, Barricades Suspects, Primitive Air Raid and It Came From The Pit releases.

Track Listing:

Ha Ha Ha
Flipper · Let Them Eat Jellybeans
The Prisoner
DOA · Jellybeans
Police Story
Black Flag · Jellybeans
Pay To To Cum
Bad Brains · Jelllybeans
Nazi Punks
DKS · Jellybeans
One For All
Modern Warfare · American Youth Report
Only Gonna Die
Bad Religion · AYP
Catholic Boy
Channel 3 · AYP
Losing Battler
Adolescents · AYP
Breach Birth Generation
Peace Corps · Barricaded Suspects
No More
Human Therapy · BS
Mary's Black Antholgy Chop
Red Tide · BS
Say It With Soul
Killroy · BS
Cold Steak
Porcelain Forhead · Primitive Air Raid
Moral Feedback
Absurds · PAR
Futurs Nature
Absurds · PAR
Hate Generation
Direct Action · PAR
Rock Stars Are Assholes
My Dog Popper · It Came From The Pit
Equal Time
My Dog Popper · ICFTP
Teenage Barnacle
Enigmas · ICFTP
To Our Glorious Dead
Sudden Impact · ICFTP
Old Man Understand
Stretch Marks · ICFTP