Generation Annihilation Episode November 15, 2008

Broadcast on 15-Nov-2008

12:00pm - 1:00am

Fundraising drive show part 1. Spotlight on Longshot, TKO, Dr. Strange, Profane Existence and Havoc records.

Track Listing:

Music For The People
WNH · Superiority Complex
Checking Out
Slick 46 · I dont Wanna
Who Are The Heroes Now
The Cleats · Lost Voices
Speed Way
The Zip Guns · S/T
Juvenille Delinquent
The Beltones · On Deaf Ears
For The Kids
The Class Assassins · State Of Emergency
The Endless Parade
The Forgotten · S/T
Switchblade High
The Threats · God Is Not With Us Today
Switchblade High
Texas Thieves · Killer On Craigs List
Moped Lads
Peter And The Test Tube Babies · Test Tube Trash
Imperial Leather · Do You Know Eher Your Children Are
Lets Rock
The Cooters · Chaos Or Bust
Blackout · Stop The Clock
Untitled One
State Of The Union · To The Bitter End
Regulations · Electic Guitar
Public Service
Caustic Christ · Lynanthropy
Fuck Nazi Sympathy
Aus Rotten · Havoc Records Sampler
Now We're Dead
Victims · Hvoc Records
Bombs Still Ticking
Emergency · Punch Drunk