Generation Annihilation Episode February 9, 2008

Broadcast on 09-Feb-2008

12:00pm - 1:00am

Spotlight on 70's punk.

Track Listing:

judy is a punk
ramones · s/t
Mr. Suit
Wire · Pink Flag
The Damned · Damned
Sex Pistols · Never Mind The Bollocks
Cranked Up Really High
Sluaghter And The Dogs · The PunkCollection
Eater · The Album
I call Your Name
The Boys · S/T
I'm Alive
999 · The Punk Singles
I'm So Bored With The USA
The Clash · S/T
Mucky Pup
Puncture · Small Wonder
The Zeros · Small Wonder
Get Your Woofing Dog Off Of Me
The Jerks · Lightning Records
Raped · The Complete Raped Punk Collection
The Loner
Chelsea · The Punk Singles
Chelsea 77
Maniacs · So Far So Loud
Kids On The Street
The Sick Things · Raw Deal
At Night
The KillJoys · Raw Deal
Screaming Fist
Viletones · A Taste Of Honey
The Kids Have Arrived
Reaction · Smash The State
My Only Concern
Da Slyme · Smash The State
I Dont Love You
Dishgrags · Theres No Dee Dee