Generation Annihilation Episode January 5, 2008

Broadcast on 05-Jan-2008

12:00pm - 1:00pm

2007 show part 2 playing all reissues.

Track Listing:

Hollywood Square
Hollywood Squares · Restrangled
The Eat · It's Not The Eat
Bloody Belgium
The Kids · S/T
Stay Close To Me
Bad Brains · Pay To Cum
Nazi Training Camp
DOA · Punk Rock Singles
Past Is Past
Dishrags · There's No Dee Dee
Ripped Off
Neos · All Your Ears Can Hear
Exit Death
Scum · Born Too Soon
HOC · All Your Ears Can Hear
Down Syndrome · Network Of Friends
Breaking The Law
The Business · Keep The Faith
Geordies Going To Jail
Toy Dolls · Idle Gossip
Give Me Fire
GBH · Race Against Time
Chelsea · Fater Cheaper Better Looking
Chaos Breeder
Christ On Parade · Sounds Of Nature
Talk Is Poison · Condensed Humanity
A Look At Tomorrow
Discharge · Why
You Make Me Sick
Deadfall · Mass Destruction
Animal Liberation
Mob 47 · S/T
Diskonto · Diskontrophy
Victim In Pain
AF · Victim In Pain
The Press · The Complete Press
Tallhassee Lasee
Niblick Henbane · ...And We Fall
Deperate Hours
Anti-Cimex · The Records