Generation Annihilation Episode September 29, 2007

Broadcast on 29-Sep-2007

12:00pm - 1:00pm

Tribute to Mikey from the OFFENDERS and new releases by SECOND OPINION, BURIAL, DEADFALL, All Your Ears Can Hear compilation...

Track Listing:

Were Not Like You
Alternate Action · S/T
China Creek
China Creeps
Deadfall · Mass Dstruction
Circle Pits
CFD · Front Row Tickets
Burial · Hungry Wolves
Teen Idols
Teen Idols · Four Old 7inches
Stupid Kids
Second Opinion · Youth Revolt
Bottle It Up
Bhopal Stffs · 1985-1989
Rock N Roll Bullshit
GI · Four Old 7 Inches
Whiter Then Hitler
Dayglos · All Your Ears Can Hear
Mother Was A Man
Sick Fucks · AYCH
Millions Of Dead BMXers
Jerk Ward · AYCH
My Son Is A Kuwahara
Red Tide · AYECH
Neos · AYECH
Down With The KKK
Mematodes · AYECH
John Wayne
Bad Times
The Offenders · Bad Times
The Explorer
DRI · Dealing With It
No Hope Relgion
SCUM · Born Too Soon
We Bite
Misfits · Die Die My Darling
Sortitila · Propaganda Is Hippies
Rattus · 30 Year Anniverary
Kicked In The Head
Laybacks · Perosten Kratta
Up To Us
Another Sinking Ship · Work Well In Crowded Are
Running To The Shelter
Besthoven · Split
Deathchararge · S/T
GBH · Race Agianst Time