Generation Annihilation Episode September 1, 2007

Broadcast on 01-Sep-2007

12:00pm - 1:00am

SHAM 69 Spotlight. Set of UK and Female fronted Punk. New DISHRAGS discography.

Track Listing:

Life Returns
D. Know · Valu Pack Series
Old Fools
Limb From Limb · Death Famine Plague
Street City Kids
Inepsy · RNR Babylon
Pas The Question
Blackout · S/T
Sacramment Of The Sick
Severed Head Of State · Power Hazard
Dishrags · Theres No Dee Dee
My Community
Margaret Thrasher · Soes It Matter
Outta My Mind
The Bayonettes · CIUT Session
Hell Is Other People
Imperial Leather · Something Out Of Nothing
No Survivors
Lebendon Tottaen · State Laghter
Enemys Enemy
The Restarts · Outsider
Good Enough
Riot/Clone · Success
Little Voice Of Reason
Geriartic Unit
Religous Dogma
Extixtion Of Mankind · ALe To England
I dont Wanna
Sham 69 · If The Kids Are United
Angels With Dirty Faces
Sham 69 · Live
Sham 69 · Tell Us The Truth
Hurry Up Harry
Sham 69 · Thats Life
Borstal Breakout
Sham 69 · Live
Hersham Boys
Sham 69 · Hersham Boys
If The Kids Are United
Sham 69 · United