Generation Annihilation Episode July 19, 2007

Generation Exploitation Podcast #41

11:00am - 12:00pm

Highlights from Password with Allen Ludden! Buddy Hackett on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson! The Riddlers: 1977 Game Show hosted by David Letterman! Gordy Records 45: Just a Little Misunderstanding by The Contours! 1963 Crown Records LP: Sound of The Drags featuring Oil Burner by The Blasters! I Want My Baby Back by Edwin Starr! Mickey Katz and his Orchestra play Cry of the Wild Goose! Spike Jones and his City Slickers! Original 1968 Television Soundtrack LP from the BBC Series Children Talking! Fisher and Marks - obscure 1964 Philadelphia Lounge Comedy Record! Various Drive-in Intermission Commercials! My Baby by The Temptations! Mr. Hot Rod by The Scramblers from the 1964 Wyncote LP: Little Honda! Radio Trailer for Rudy Ray Moore's The Human Tornado! Buddy Hackett's shame: Pickwick LP - The Original Chinese Waiter! The Happening by The Supremes!