Generation Annihilation Episode June 21, 2007

Generation Exploitation Podcast #39

11:00am - 11:58am

Psychotic Reaction by The Count Five! Capitol Records LP Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner at the Cannes Film Festival! Strange Pensylvanian Rock N' Roll: The Willy by The Willies! Richard Pryor on Dry Humping! Rare Rochester, New York garage rock by The Invictas: The Hump! Bobby Curtola's Canadian Rock N' Roll 45 - Hitch-Hiker! Bridge Over Troubled Water by Senator Sam J. Erwin! Hockey Related 45s: Clear the Track (Eddie Shack) by Douglas Rankine and The Secrets! Gordie Howe by Big Bob and The Dollars! Canada Dry Ginger Ale Promotional Soundsheet: Montreal Canadien Ralph Backstrom on Offense! Thank God For Bobby Clarke - odd American Hockey promo narrated by John Facenda on Power Play Records! 1983 45 - The Great Gretzky on Fanz Records! Richard Brodeur 1982 song King Richard's Army! The Chipmunks sing All My Lovin! Strange 1966 7 inch produced by The George Martin - The Masters Singers sing The Weather Forecast! Would You Believe by Phil Leeds from the KAPP Records Comedy LP When You're In Love the Whole World is Jewish! Early 1970s LP released by Pan American Airlines: The Name of the Game is Go! Automatic Reaction by Nino and The Ebb Tides!