Generation Annihilation Episode June 14, 2007

Generation Exploitation Podcast #38

11:00am - 11:59am

Where Evil Grows by The Poppy Family! Mel Brooks on The Electric Company LP! The Monkees Theme Song! Johnny Bond Sings Alabam! Epic Records LP: Here's Godfrey Cambridge - Ready or Not! Audio Trailer for Cotton Comes to Harlem! The Beau Brummels - Nick Venet Orchestra: Music from the drive-in picture Out of Sight! Theme from The FBI by Ray Martin and His Orchestra! Impressionist George Kirby on The Ed Sullivan Show! Harry Nilsson sings the theme from Skidoo (1968)! Various selections from the soundtrack to Skidoo! George Carlin on The Ed Sullivan Show! Our Man Flint by Billy Strange! Message from Americans byJohn Salisbury! Enjoy Yourself - Promo Radio Station LP released by the William B. Tanner Company! Pigmeat Markham - Here Come the Judge!