Generation Annihilation Episode June 7, 2007

Generation Exploitation Podcast #37

10:58am - 11:59am

Wild Man Fisher sings In My Room! The Hollyridge Strings play In My Room! Nancy Sinatra sings (a different song called) In My Room! Mrs. Mills sings Downtown! Jim Backus Lay-Z-Boy advertisement outakes! Love Potion No. 9 in Chinese! The 1971 All in the Family LP on Atlantic Records! The Mary Tyler Moore Theme performed by Sammy Davis Jr! A bizarre 1960 "audio yearbook" - a year of an Illinois high school on vinyl: Thornton T's Off! The Ventures perform Billy Strange's composition The Intruder! 1950s Red Lion Gasoline promo 45 Keep Your Restrooms Clean, Men! 1966 MGM 45: Boy Wonder I Love You featuring Burt Ward and Frank Zappa! A Hard Days Night performed by Peter Sellers! Selections from The Monkees 1969 LP Instant Replay!
If the Bomb Falls: Cold War Vinyl Weirdness on how to survive Nuclear Warfare! Honky Tonk Popcorn by Bill Doggett!
Theme Song from Hanna-Barbera's Amazing Chan and the Chan Clan! The Teenager's Declaration of Independence by Burt Ward!