Generation Annihilation Episode May 24, 2007

Generation Exploitation Podcast #35

11:01am - 11:59am

Don Adams The Joke Thief! Rocky & Hal Hoot-and-Naughty: Awful Washington State lo-fi vanity comedy record! Theme From SWAT as done by The Pops Singers and Orchestra on Peter Pan Records! Get Smart Theme performed by The Ventures! Epic Records LP: The Humor of Rowan and Martin! The Surpremes sing Bah-Bah-Bah from the Motown LP Reflections! Allan Sherman's Hail to Thee, Fat Person from My Son the Nut! James Brown performs Out of the Blue from the SMASH Records LP Showtime! Philadelphia Soul Music legends The Intruders perform Love Is Just Like A Baseball Game! Bizarre 1967 LP: Canadian School Days 1867-2067 - What will school be like one hundred years into the future? 100 Years From Now by The Byrds with Graham Parsons! Golden Records LP Rocky and Friends featuring Bulwinkle! More crazy airchecks from random radio stations of the sixties and seventies!