Generation Annihilation Episode May 10, 2007

Generation Exploitation Podcast #33

10:58am - 11:55am

Soul 45 Times Are Bad by Bobby Barnes! United Artists comedy LP Flender on the Phone by Harold Flender! Belle Barth's Laff Records LP The Customer Comes First! Atlantic LP - Killer Joe's Discotheque - Monkey Time! Space Records: Ken Nordine Narrates a Stereophonic Sound Sampler Sounds in Space! 1956 Golden Records LP Journey to the Moon! The Ames Brothers sing Music From Outer Space! KAPP Records Comedy LP Jose Jiminez The Astronaut! Golden Records 45 Meet Space Pilot Jones by Space Satellite Singers! 1959 LP Adventures in Sound and Space with Col. Frank Ernhart! Promotional 45 put out by The Exxon Corporation: Up Came Oil! 1969 American Standard promotional corporate musical The Bathrooms Are Coming!