Generation Annihilation Episode April 12, 2007

Generation Exploitation Podcast #29

11:03am - 12:00pm

Michel Legrand's soundtrack music from the Steve McQueen picture The Thomas Crown Affair! Jackie Mason on Broadway! Great Moments from The Tonight Show LP featuring Johnny Carson, Don Rickles, Dean Martin, Buddy Hackett, and Glen Campbell! Claude Dejean's MOOG version of Everybody's Talking! "StenoSpeed - StenoBooster" instructional short hand record! Swim Records - Ray Anthony's Swim Swim C'Mon and Swim! Swim with The Go-Gos - rare 1964 Swiim Record! Bill Dana: Jose Jiminez, The Astronaut! Robert Klein's Child of the Fifties LP! Round Trip Mars from Sounds Galactic's Astromusical Odyssey London Records Phase 4 Stereo LP! Ed Allen Time - fifties exercise LP! Norm Crosby roasts Barry Goldwater!