Generation Annihilation Episode March 29, 2007

Generation Exploitation Podcast #27

11:00am - 11:54am

Lil Markie: Diary of the Unborn Child! The Mechanical Man by Bent Bolt and The Nuts! Lloyd Burry at the Organ! It Don't Feel Good by The Dave Clark Five! Audio from an instructional film about Dish Washing! Relax with Reveen! Looking at a Baby by The Collectors! Evatone Soundsheet: A New Accordian Era by Art Van Damme! Salute to Read-Along-Books: Super Pac-Man! Pac-Man Run For Fun! Charlie Brown's All Stars! The Electric Company - Silent E's From Outer Space! Planet of the Hoojibs! The Jungle Book in French! Garfield in Space! Emperor's New Clothes in French! The Rescuers in French! Raiders of the Lost Ark! Clifford the Big Red Dog Gets A Job! The Get Along Gang and The Bad Loser! Escape from the Gremlins! Muppets Take Manhattan! Star Wars Adventures In Colors and Shapes! Strawberry Shortcake presents Apricot & Hopsalot! The Ventures: Guitar Freakout! Four Keys to Successful Selling LP released by The Businessmen's Record Club! Earthwatch LP: The Affects of Marijuana by Dr. David Suzuki! Museum from the Herman's Hermits LP Blaze! Two Fingers Pointed and I Tell Myself by Sky Saxon and The Seeds! Audio footage of William Shatner's Rocket Man!