Generation Annihilation Episode February 8, 2007

Generation Exploitation Podcast #22

11:02am - 11:59am

Selections from Pebbles Volume 3: Flight Reaction by The Calico Wall & Five Years Ahead of My Time by The Third Bardo! John Giminez's Pick Up On This Kid - Anti-Marijuana Christian Lecture LP! Larry Smith - A Campus Happening - Drugs, Drop-outs, and the making of the film Way Out(1967)! Christian Comedy from former Santana member Leon Patillo! Wayne Philpott's Hello Rock - the first ever Christian Comedy LP! Jack Tells It Like It Is: Christian ex-con High School Lecture LP! Rolf Harris' Vancouver Town '71 from his Capitol Records Jake-the-Peg in Vancouver Town LP! Dick Gregory in Living Black and White! Abbott & Costello's Camel Cigarettes Radio Show - Who's On First variation! Mickey Katz and his Orchestra!