Generation Annihilation Episode February 3, 2007

Broadcast on 03-Feb-2007

12:00pm - 1:00am

New stuff from CHELSEA, UK SUBS, VIOLENT ARREST, FOUR STROKE, DRILLER KILLER, WARKRIME. Phone interview with Joe "Shithead" Keithly and more.

Track Listing:

KXLU Radio
Chelsea · Faster Cheaper Better Looking
Straihten Out
UK Subs · Six Yeah
Sub Hum Ans · Worlds Apart
Never needed Nothin
Sick 56 · Punishment
Leavin With FA
Violent Arrest · S/T
Massacred Millions
The Varukers · One Struggle One Fight
Anguish Of War
Heresy · 1985-1987
What Do You WAnna Be
The Furies
New Age
DOA · Bloodied But
Another Boy
Poimted Sticks · Waiting
Slow Suicide
Four Stroke · I Wsa A Tennage Suicide Bomber
Public Safety
Direct Control · Public Safety
Cant Take It
Social Circle · Static Eyes
No More
Warkrime · Give War A Chance
Crass Solution
Perevere · Public Saftety
These Walls
Gunnar Hansen · Killed By Canada