Generation Annihilation Episode January 18, 2007

Generation Exploitation Podcast #19

10:58am - 11:56am

1970s Sesame Street LPs featuring great Joe Raposo compositions like: Rub Your Tummy, STOP, Virgil Veep and the Letter V, My Name is David, The Alphabet Song from Susan Sings the Songs of Sesame Street, Roosevelt Franklin's Alphabet, Yo Yo Master and the Lost Kid, Mobbity Mosely's Month of the Year, V for Victory, Cookie Disco, Subway, The J Friends, The Count's Countdown, Oscar the Grouch and Big Bird Camping in Canada!
1960s Lounge Comedy Records : Bert Henry Live at the Hungry Thigh, Wes Harrison's You Won't Believe Your Ears, Herbert Hiesel German Comedy LP, The Best of Alan King!

The 1980 Gallagher record! More Cuts from the Early Seventies Promo LP Canadian Top 40!