Generation Annihilation Episode January 10, 2007

Generation Exploitation Podcast #17

10:45am - 11:41am

Plenty of Bootleg Background Music from the 1967 Animated Spiderman! Selections from the Original Television Batman Soundtrack LP! It's Superman by The Ned Odum Boys from the Superman Broadway Musical! Intro and Outro from the 1938 Superman Radio Program! Three Tracks from the 1975 Songs and Stories of The Justice League of America LP: Justice League! Plastic Man! Metamorpho!

Three Crusty Adults Only Comedy LPs: 1962's Dave Starr - The Closer the Bone the Sweeter the Meat! 1973's Hector Nicol - Scottish Adults Only! Jack Wakefield Live at the Concord Hotel - 1963!

The Four King Cousins Sing a Cover of the Beach Boys' God Only Knows! Jack LaLanne's Glamour Stretcher Time 10" Blue Vinyl from 1959!