Generation Annihilation Episode January 6, 2007

Broadcast on 06-Jan-2007

12:00pm - 1:00am

2006 Reissues spotlight.

Track Listing:

The Myth Of..
Media Man
UK Subs · Complete Riot
The Destructors · The Punk Singles Collection
Can I Go To Heaven
Chage · Perfection Plus
The Bomb Blast
The Varukers · Still Bollox
Black Elvis
Goldblade · Strictly HC
The Left · Complete Studio Recodings
Pigs Run Wild
The Dicks
Bowling For Bibles
Honor Roll · 1982
Verbal Abuse · Just An American Band
Waiting For You
DOA · Bloodied But Unbowede
Yes I Know
Black flag · Pre-My War
Potential Suicide
Black Matket Baby · Shoulda Coulda Woulda
Off To War
The Fix · At The Sound Of Twisted tHought
Voices At My War
The Freeze · Guilty Face
DRI · Dealing With It
Video Prick
Deep Wound · S/T
Career Suicide · Kangaroo
Working Class Zero
The Zero Point
Mr. Big
The Dils · Dangerhouse
I Slept In An Arcade
Black Randy · Dangerhouse
Generation X · The BBC Sessions
Killjoys · Johnny Wont Go To Heaven
What Do You Want Me To Do
Pointed Sticks · Waiting For The Real Thing