Generation Annihilation Episode December 14, 2006

Generation Exploitation Podcast #13

10:59am - 11:59am

Just One Girl by Garage Rock Faves The Knickerbockers! Hockey with a Little Help From Your Friends: The 1976 Vancouver Canucks LP! 1972 Hockey Night in Canada LP! The Brothers-In-Law Hockey Night in Canada 1967 folk song! 1970 Arc Records Album: The Two Sides of Bobby Orr! Groovy, Brassy, 1967 song: They're Taking All the Fun Right Out of Hockey! Marty Allen & Steve Rossi Live at the "Swinging" Sands Hotel Las Vegas 1963! Rusty Warren Live at the Aladdin Hotel Las Vegas 1966! Excerpts from a Children's Record called The Five Senses that sound totally Pornographic! Kaptain Kool and The Kongs: The Krofft Supershow 1978 LP! Mister Rogers sings a songs about "downing liquid solution" and hallucinating!!! Henny Youngman's Life Story from the 1955 Coral Record Album Laugh of the Party! Mort Sahl mocks Walt Disney! The Stan Freberg Radio Show with Daws Butler! Replogle Company's Promotional 1962 7" single The Story of Mr. World - a record that came with your new Globe! Two Tracks off the Rare "Way Out West" Mae West LP - Shaking All Over and Mae Day!