Generation Annihilation Episode November 24, 2006

Generation Exploitation Podcast #10

12:29pm - 1:22am

Tomorrow Radio: An Album Explaining What Radio Will Be Like in 1983! Programmers Digest: An Audio Magazine for 1970s Radio DJs! TM Productions: How to Create A Winning Radio Station ID! William B. Tanner Comapny's Enjoy Yourself Radio Campaign Promo Record! Radio CJVI Victoria 1967 On-Air Radio Contest Acetate Record! Radio WDAK Promo seven inch about Columbus, Georgia! Seven Inch Single of Radio Spots Promoting Hay Bailers and Esoteric Farm Equipment! The Sounds of Radio WIMD's Cheesy Seventies Station IDs! Promo 45 for the awful 1979 Comedy Situation Comedy Minute Syndicated Radio Program! CJVI's 1955 Arrow Radiator Audio Documentary pressed on Accetate LP! Canadian Top 40: One Sided Vinyl Promo LP Featuring an Amusing Syndicated 1972 Canadian Radio Countdown Show! Funky Radio WQXI & Radio WTAE IDs with a lot of Ham from TM Productions! Rousing Song About Saskatchewan by The Rhythm Pals! Ballad of a (Radio) DJ by the Del Satins!