Generation Annihilation Episode November 23, 2006

Generation Exploitation Podcast #9

11:05am - 12:27pm

Strange 1970 LP: Murder at Kent State! Highlights from the satirical 1960s show That Was The Week That Was! LSD Records! Richard Pryor on Dropping Acid! Victor Lunderberg's 1968 Right Wing Vinyl Diatribe: In the Slime of Vietnam! 1965 Folk Song About the RCMP! Dick Davy: Only White Stand Up Comic to Headline The Apollo Theatre! Mort Sahl Jokes about Communism! Lenny Bruce chews the fat on Commies and Radio Free Europe! Dick Gregory! The Smothers Brothers vs. LBJ! John C. Croff with Al's Dynamics' Bizarre Vanity Pressing of Right Wing lo-fi Garage Rock Song that argues America Isn't Fighting Hard Enough in Vietnam! Cold War Era Bluegrass Music about the Atom Bomb! 1960 Rock N' Roll Novelty Song, Agnes Teenage Russian Spy! Rare Mercury Records LP from 1969: The Sound Of Dissent! The Fugs' Kill For Peace! Johnny Carson Interviews Tricky Dick Nixon on The Tonight Show!