Generation Annihilation Episode November 9, 2006

Generation Exploitation Podcast #8

11:01am - 11:58am

Adults Only Comedy Record Legend Woody Woodbury Interview Pt.1! Over the top Showbusinnes Records: Ray Anthony Live at The Royal Hawaiian Hotel, Jackie Wilson Live at the Copa New York, On Stage: Alan Gale Live at Jack Silverman's International! Rare Adults Only Comedy Clips from Nino Nanni and Bill Carty! Late 60s Hollywood Squares Announcements from Kenny Williams! Norm Crosby Friar's Club Roast! Flip Wilson speaks out against Don Rickles! Plus three funky variations of the theme from The Bob Newhart Show!

In the words of Jackie Wilson, "If only I were able, I'd stop at each and ev-ur-ee table, and say, hey! You're dyn-o-mite!"