Generation Annihilation Episode October 26, 2006

Generation Exploitation Podcast #5

10:56am - 11:56am

Dinner with Dracula from John Zacherele, the B-Side of Monster Mash, Igor's Cellar by The Detergents, Billy Strange Rawks out with The Munsters, Jonanthon Winters on Horror Movies, Stereophonic Two Headed (beatnik) Monster, Peter Lorre (Paul Frees) singing My Old Flame, Charlie, Linus, Vince Guaraldi Trio and the Great Pumpkin!

The Hee Haw Original Television Soundtrack, Red Sovine Phantom 309, Brumley Prunk's He'd Better Go, WSM Grand Ole Opry Star Cousin Minnie Pearl! Terrible low budget late 60s comedy LP: Rocky & Hal Live at The Eagles Hall Shonomish, Washington! Steel Guitar Instrumental of Mrs. Robinson!