Friday Sunrise Episode March 12, 2010

Tobacco Brown live in studio!

7:30am - 9:00am

Today's live guest Tobacco Brown!

Tobacco Brown is traveling the world in search of fast women and loose cars. After teaching himself guitar at the age of twelve and deciding sometime after his nineteeth birthday that he might like to give music an honest shot-Mr. Brown has been writing and performing almost non-stop. He currently has three albums written (one recorded with the help of Edouard at Sinewavz studios) and numerous crosses to bear. That being said, he is not one to go on about it. He loves art, music and film.

One day he would like to write and direct his own movie and hopefully provide the soundtrack. Born in Vancouver and raised in London, Mr.Brown currently resides no where but spends most of his time going back and forth across the Atlantic Ocean (the only place he truly fits in). He has permanent 'couch spine' and is constantly embarrassing himself. His style has been described as 'Jack Johnson on anti-depressants' but if you ask him, he'll tell you he's more like himself mixed with everybody and no body.