Fresh Slice Episode June 2, 2017

music where!

1:00pm - 2:00pm

We play some of our favorites at Music Waste 2017 and premiere a new Late Spring track from their upcoming EP, "Trembly Fog".

Track Listing:

Milk · Late Bloomer EP
St. Catherine
Sylvia Wrath · St. Catherine
Tomato Guitar
Fuzzy P · On a Lawn
Mom Song
True Crush · We Like Us
Ice Hands
Jerk Jails · Jerk Jails
On to Me
Ace Martens · Palm Springs
Trembly Fog
Late Spring · Trembly Fog EP
Fishhook · Morning Figure When Absolutely Calm
God I'm Sorry
Daniel Terrence Robertson · Death
Swim Team · Out of the Flood
Half a Time
Divorcer · Unwonderful Demo
Non La · Body