Fresh Slice Episode April 28, 2017

walk on by

1:01pm - 2:02pm

Bbq is out of town but we are visited by a Marlena, a lovely guest host! We play Gum Country, Tappi Tíkarrass, and others.

Track Listing:

Favourite Hate
WEED · Born Wrong Love
rice cake sardines
Divorcer · unwonderful demos
Swish Swash
Crack Cloud · Anchoring Point
Yo Yo
Pylon · Chomp
Dummy Discards a Heart
Deerhoof · Fever 121614
Walk on By
Dione Warwick · Dione Warwick: Burt Bacharach's Greatest Hits
Instant Hit
Slits · Cut
Brain Song
Gum Country · Gum Country
Young Lungs
Stereolab · Oscillons From The Anti-Sun
i'm grey
M.A.Z.E · live at sound studio dom
Dumb · 5$ OR FREE
Ility ebni
Tappi Tíkarrass · Bitið fast í vitið
Find Me Easily
Couleur Dessin · Couleur Dessin
human loser
yup · yup
Half dome
Aye Nako · Silver Haze