Fresh Slice Episode February 10, 2017

This Reality

12:59pm - 2:02pm

We play Palberta, Gold Medal, and Duchess Says and talk about virtual reality a la cardboard all whilst standing on all fours!

Track Listing:

I Don't Wanna Be Too Cool
Kate Fagan · I Don't Wanna Be Too Cool
Perfect Picture
Gold Medal · EP
When We're Not Love
Better Posture · Unfinished After Orlando
Empty Body
SACRED PAWS · Strike A Match
Every Single Thing
Homeshake · Fresh Air
Faded Heart
Stef Chura · Messes
Smoke Eaters · Bonnie Brook Road
The Courtneys · II
Ghost Thoughts · Purple Period
Eye Twitch
Nice Apple · Demos
Gertrude Stein Greeting Card From Pape/ Danforth
New Fries · MORE
Palberta · On the Beach
Inherently Low
NOTS · Cosmetic
Duchess Says · Sciences Nouvelles
Violentene · Denial
Flower Glass
Hand Habits · Wildly Idle