Fresh Slice Episode September 12, 2016


6:00pm - 7:00pm

We talked with Mirepoix about which band member is most EMO, kale, and other things. The band is playing at UBC for CiTR's Live at Lunch on Tuesday, September 13th.

Track Listing:

Truth or Consequences
Lie · Truth or Consequences
Dash Hounds · Eft
Rod · Pretty Sure
I Decide
The Julie Ruin · Hit Reset
Art Was the Great Leveler
Mecca Normal · Empathy for the Evil
Under the Sign of Saturn
Minimal Violence · Untitled EP
Mirepoix · Untitled EP
Bike Lane
No Problem · The Honestly Hour
The World You Know
Nona · Freaky If You Got This Far
gro bwouya
RAMZi · Single
Milk · Late Bloomer EP