French Connection Episode October 1, 2009

Broadcast on 01-Oct-2009

3:30pm - 5:00pm

Hi everyone!
In this show I interviewed Alan Kolh, the director of Roadsworth/Crossing the line movie. I met Alan Kolh in Montreal when he was shooting it. Now, his movie will be presented in Vancouver on Ovtober 7th at the new W2 building. Listen to this interview, he made a really great documentary!!!

Track Listing:

lever l'ancre
alfa rococo · lever l'ancre
femme liberee
cookie dingler · cookie dingler
comme des enfants
coeur de pirate · coeur de pirate
mon carre de sable
dirty taz · dirty taz
grand corps malade · enfant de la ville
pic bois
beau dommage · beau dommage
la paix des barves
loco locass · loco locass
midi 20
grand corps malade · midi 20
Xavier Cafeine · Gisele
la plus belle fille de la prison
jean leloup · mille excuses milady