Forgotten British Columbia

What is Forgotten British Columbia?

Beautiful British Columbia is a slogan that rolls off the tongue of every pacific northwesterner with ease. The mountains, the islands, the beaches right by the ocean—all the things we know about this “province”.

This beautification actively excludes those that have been systemically oppressed while trying to build community, love, joy, and life.

Forgotten British Columbia (FBC) is a short radio series on the history of so-called British Columbia that has evaded public memory. This series is inspired by the Truth & Reconciliation Commission’s Calls to Action for media, to highlight events, practices, and systems in recent history that were and continue to remain exclusionary — and feature the people and communities that resisted oppression.

Working towards an equitable future at CiTR, these bite-sized history lessons would aim to shine light on those that have been erased. We aim to bolster the resistance movements that reimagined better policies, systems of governance, and a better society.

We aim never to let erasure and revisionism take place again.

Co-produced by Hina Imam and Karan Saxena
Music produced by Chronfused

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