Folk Oasis Episode October 1, 2014

Broadcast on 01-Oct-2014

8:00pm - 10:00pm

Thanks to Matt of CiTR's Stranded (Australian-Canadian music) for filling in this week. He did a great job, and I see from playlist there is a feature interview with one of my fave Aussie artists, Paul Kelly!
I'm uploading this from Athens airport, on way to Netherlands and home on Oct. 5. Tune in next week and I shall have some tales to tell!
Take care, thanks for listening, and hope you've enjoyed the last 3 'relief pitchers'. :)


Track Listing:

I Once Loved A Sheperdess
Costas Tsicaderis · Fig Tree
Love Amongst The Ruins
Costas Tsicaderis · [unknown]
Paul Kelly and the Coloured Girls · Gossip
Cold As Canada
Paul Kelly · Spring and Fall
Breelong Black
Andy Gordon · The Reverent Jorfy
Everything I Need Is Here
Mark Moldre · An Ear To The Earth
To The Wind and Roam
Jason Lowe · Jason Lowe
Ghetto Birds
Joey Only Outlaw Band · Trangression Trail
Meteorite Shower
David Roy Parsons · Matters of Survival
Shouldn't Have
Faye Blais · On The Bright Side
You Don't Know
Genevive Chadwick · Riding The Wind Forgetting Time
Skye Wallace · [unreleased]
K-I-S-S Me
Glenda Carramore · Seasky-Starsong
Annie Becker · Back to The City
Narrow Valley
James Lamb · Imagineering
David Newberry · Desire Lines
It Doesn't Last
The Ruffled Feathers · Bottom of the Blue