Folk Oasis Episode May 23, 2012

Broadcast on 23-May-2012

8:00pm - 10:00pm

Accordion Awareness Month is coming up in June, so we warmed up with a set of Celtic accordion tunes as well as various other songs containing accordion. We chatted by phone with Cindy Doire + Andrea Ramolo of Toronto duo Scarlett Jane. They're currently on tour in Western Canada and no, they're not a heavy metal band..
Lots of touring artists this month, including Montreal's Elage Diouf - we hear a powerful version of "Man of Constant Sorrow" from him tonight.
Take care, happy Memorial Day weekend to all my American friends, and play safe!


Track Listing:

The Cabin
The Crackling · Keep Full Ambitious
Mutiny on the Dawn
Alan Doyle · Boy on Bridge
Early Edition
Jocelyn Pettit · Jocelyn Pettit
David Grisman and Jerry Garcia · Putumayo Presents Bluegrass
New Ceremony
Dry The River · Shallow Bed
phone interview with Andrea Ramolo and Cindy Doire of Scarlett Jane · .
Scarlett Jane · Stranger
Reels: Johnny Allen's/Sporting Nell
Billy McComiskey + Sean McGlynn · Squeeze: Masters of the Celtic Accordion
Strathspey & Reel: Lady Lyle/Liz Carroll's
Paddy O'Brien · Squeeze: Masters of the Celtic Accordion
Reel: The Bucks of Oranmore
Joe Burke · Squeeze: Masters of the Celtic Accordion
concert calendar · .
Visit In My Dream
Dan Bern · Breathe
Sober Enough
The Fugitives · Eccentrically We Love
I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow
Elage Diouf · Aksil
Souls of Manhattan
Jon Bryant · What Takes You
California One/Youth and Beauty Brigade
The Decemberists · Castaways and Cutouts