Folk Oasis Episode May 12, 2010

Broadcast on 12-May-2010

8:00pm - 10:00pm

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Track Listing:

Where the Rippling Waters Flow
Smithfield Fair · The Longing
Forever True
Mark Johnson & Emory Lester · Acoustic Vision
Kat Eggleston · Speak
Le Vent du Nord · Burnside Folk Sampler 2008
Les Tisserands
Genticorum · Songs from SIngOut! v. 52 #1
An t-Aparan Goirid's an t-Aparan Ur
Julie Fowlis · Songs from SIng Out! v. 53 #1
The Mountains of Tennessee
The Carter Family · 1927-1934
Sick, Sad and Lonesome
Plough · Plough
John Hartford String Band · Memories of John
Open Up the Window Noah
Andrew Calhoun · Songs from SIng Out! v. 53 #1
Same Old Grind
Ruth and Max Bloomquist · Turn Back a Page
Spin on a Red Brick Floor
Nu-Blu · Nights
Lily Ann
Corinne West · The Promise
Blossoms on the Almond Tree
John Reischman & the Jaybirds · John Reischman & the Jaybirds
Lee Highway Blues
Michael Cleveland · Flame Keeper
Sold Down the River
Michael Cleveland & Flamekeerper · Leavin' Town
Grey Eagle
Nate Grower · Nate Grower
Michael Cleveland · Let 'Er Go Boys!
Little Boat
Eve Goldberg · Songs from Sing Out! v.51 #3
For Real
Christine Lavin · In My Room
One Kind Word
Geoff Bartley · King Easy Radio Sampler
Jewel of Paris
Nathan Rogers · SOngs From Sing Out! v. 53 #2
This House
Dennis Caraher · Practicing Dying
Boys in the Cornfields
Sally Spring · Made of Stars
The Money Song
Michael Johnathan · Ravenwood
Weaver of Lies
Cherryholmes · Common Threads
Seven is the Number
Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer · Burnside Sampler 2008
Ken Perlman · Songs from SingOut! v. 53 #1