Folk Oasis Episode February 10, 2010

Broadcast on 10-Feb-2010

8:00pm - 10:00pm

...and so is Valentine's Day, and the solar New Year. Gung hey fat choy! We tried to cover off on all these themes, with special focus on the wonderful music we'll be treated to in Vancouver over the next few weeks. Local band Spoon River came in to talk about their new CD and Feb. 18 gig at the W.I.S.E. Hall. Take care everybody, get out there and take in some live music this weekend!

warm hugs,

Track Listing:

Under the Portland Weather
DAVID FRANCEY · Right of Passage (Laker)
B.C. Orienteering
SAID THE WHALE · Islands Disappear (Hidden Pony)
Jesus, Etc.
WILCO · Kicking Television: Live In Chicago (Nonesuch)
to plug Feb. 18 show + new CD
Tavis, Chris, Rachel from Spoon River · live in studio, about 40 min
Buried In the Sun
SPOON RIVER · Kingdom of the Burned (Northern Electric)
When the Doctor's Gonna Come
SPOON RIVER · Kingdom of the Burned (Northern Electric)
SPOON RIVER · Kingdom of the Burned (Northern Electric)
SPOON RIVER · Kingdom of the Burned (Northern Electric)
Bow Dance (music bed for concert calendar)
ANNA GUO · Chinese Traditional Yang-Qin Music (self)
something in French :)
LE BRUIT COURT DANS LA VILLE · mp3 supplied by Steve Edge
Mama's Eyes
JUSTIN TOWNES EARLE · Midnight At The Movies (Bloodshot)
Two Time Loser (live)
ASHLEY McISAAC · mp3 sent by e-mail from publicist
LEEROY STAGGER · Depression River (Boompa)
Tournament of Hearts *
* Happy Valentine's Day!