Folk Oasis Episode June 18, 2008

Broadcast on 18-Jun-2008

8:00pm - 10:00pm

Tribute tonight to June 17, 1958, an important day in our fair city. Also a tip of the Folk Oasis toque (touque?) to nos amis dans la belle province de Québec. Happy St. Jean-Baptiste!

cheers, val

Track Listing:

Rain Rain
RODNEY DeCROO · War Torn Man (Northern Electric)
Dry As Our Luck
STEVE DAWSON · Waiting For The Lights To Come Up (Black Hen)
Promises, Promises
DR. JOHN w/WILLIE NELSON · City That Care Forgot (429)
Right Thang Wrong Woman
THE HOMEMADE JAMZ BLUES BAND · The Homemade Jamz Blues Band (Northern Blues)
Piccolo Heart
DAVE BOUTETTE · The Piccolo Heart (Embassy Hotel)
Rebel Side of Heaven
LANGHORNE SLIM · Langhorne Slim & the War Eagles (Kemado)
Everybody Needs A Change
MR. RICK & THE BISCUITS · Whole Grain (self)
The Wrath of Zinnia
PETER SIEGEL · Living In Rome (self)
The Bridge Came Tumblin' Down
STOMPIN' TOM CONNORS · A Proud Canadian (Capitol)
Okanagan Okee
STOMPIN' TOM CONNORS · More of the Stompin' Tom Phenomenon (Capitol)
Down at Gassy Jack's
TILLER'S FOLLY · Stirring Up Ghosts (self)
Jig's In, Buddy Home (music bed for concert calendar)
TRINITUDE · Rooted (self)
RICH HOPE AND HIS EVIL DOERS · Rich Hope and His Evil Doers (Maximum)
The Gyroscopic
THE GOURDS · Noble Creatures (Yep Roc)
Fun Machine One
STEVE DAWSON · Waiting For The Lights To Come Up (Black Hen)
La fille du vigneron/Ti Getup Charlie
Complainte du Phoque en Alaska
Joys of Quebec/Hugh McKenna's/Old French
BLACKTHORN · Sweet Forget-Me-Not
June Apple
JAYME STONE & MANSA SISSOKO · Africa to Appalachia (self)