Folk Oasis Episode November 15, 2006

Broadcast on 15-Nov-2006

8:00pm - 10:00pm

First of a special 3-part series where the DJ (Val) shares with y'all (the listener) tunes and tales derived from her recent travels to the Deep South. C'mon back now, y'hear?! And don't forget to donate to our first ever pledge drive..details at
Thanks for listening, and thanks for your support, financial and otherwise!

Track Listing:

Asheville Turnaround
DEL McCOURY · sent via e-mail
Hot Dog
THE CLUMSY LOVERS · Under The Covers (self)
Let's Slop Tonight
HASIL "HAZE" ADKINS · Chicken Walk (Star Club)
Banana Puddin'
SOUTHERN CULTURE ON THE SKIDS · Plastic Seat Sweat (Geffen)
UFO's, Big Rigs, & BBQ
MOJO NIXON · Gadzooks! (Needletime)
THE GOURDS · Blood of the Ram (Eleven Thirty)
B.B.Q. U.S.A.
MOJO NIXON & SKID ROPER · Bodayshus!!! (Enigma)
Dragonfly Helicopter (concert calendar music bed)
ANDY SHEPPARD · Six Strings North of the Border, Volume 3 (Borealis)
Tiger Woods
DAN BERN · Fifty Eggs (Sony)
Waiting On The Sun
Tiger Rag
?? ·
Tiger Rag
THE ORIGINAL DIXIELAND JAZZ BAND ·'s%20Greatest%20Hits_%201901-1920
Evita's Lullaby
ALEJANDRO ESCOVEDO · The Boxing Mirror (Back Porch)
ALEJANDRO ESCOVEDO · A Man Under The Influence (Bloodshot)
Died A Little Today
ALEJANDRO ESCOVEDO · The Boxing Mirror (Back Porch)
ALEJANDRO ESCOVEDO · The Boxing Mirror (Back Porch)